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Leica TPS700

Applications and Technical Informations
Technical Specifications
  TCRA02 power
TCRA02 ultra
TCRA703 power
TCRA703 ultra
TCRA705 power
TCRA705 ultra
Angle measurement 2", 0.6 mgon 3", 1 mgon 5",1.5 mgon
Display resolution

1" (0.1- 0.5 mgon)

Distance measurement

3000m (to one GPR1 reflector); 2mm + 2ppm
power: 170m (w/o reflector); 3mm+ 2ppm
ultra: >500m (w/o reflector); 3mm+ 2ppm

Measuring time

<1s (with reflector)
typical 3-6s (w/o reflector)


10000 data blocks
RS232 interface for connection to external data collectors 


30 x


Laser: located in alidade, turning with the instrument,
accuracy ± 0.8mm at 1.5 m

Application programs

In your daily work the TPS700auto total stations support you with a whole range of integrated easy to use programs.

  • Orientation
  • Height transmission
  • Free stationing
  • Surveying
  • Staking out
  • Tie distance
  • Reference line
  • Height of inaccessible points
  • Area calculation
  • Eccentric target points calculation
  • Sets of Angles (optional)

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