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Leica TM30

Electro-optical Distance Measurement
For the electro-optical distance measurements (EDM) on prisms, reflector tapes or natural targets, a visible laser beam, which is coaxial to the optical axis, is transmitted by Leica Geosystems’ PinPoint EDMsystem.
Leica Geosystems’ reflectorless PinPoint R1000 EDM measures to natural targets at ranges of more than 1000m. To realize these long distance measurements without any prisms or reflector tapes, Leica Geosystems’ proven System Analyzer was implemented. This procedure allows the evaluation of the total signal information for the distance determination and combines the advantages of the phase and time-of-flight measurements without having their individual disadvantages 

For the Leica TM30 total station, the Leica PinPoint EDM was improved to achieve even greater accuracy. The established PinPoint EDM enables distance measurement accuracy, on Leica round prisms (GPH1P), of 0.6mm + 1ppm (tested according to ISO 17123-4). 

The PinPoint EDM provides many advantages for the distance measurements of the Leica TM30 total station. Beside the very high measurement quality and reliability, the Leica PinPoint EDM allows measurements even under adverse atmospheric conditions, such as dust, smoke, mist, rain or snowfall, etc.

Beside electronic and signal analyzing improvements of the distance measurements, the shape of the laser beam was significantly improved. This results in an optimized laser beam profile and footprint.