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Leica GS20 Professional Data Mapper

GS20 Professional Data Mapper
Leica Geosystems' latest GPS innovation. Portable, wireless and easy to use. The GS20 Professional Data Mapper combines the all-in-one simplicity of a recreational GPS handheld with the power and flexibility of a professional grade mapping system.
Providing you with a turn-key GPS mapping solution, the GS20 is a professional GPS receiver, antenna, and data collector, all in an ergonomic handheld.
With the GS20, powerful functionality doesn’t mean difficult to use. The menu-driven interface and graphical map display make it easy to learn so field crews can start collecting data right away. Add to this the wireless connectivity to PCs and accessories provided by Bluetooth™ technology, and you begin to understand what we mean when we say the GS20 is the mapping tool of tomorrow.

  • ClearTrak Multipath Mitigation for the most accurate positions possible from a handheld.
  • MaxTrak and HyperTrak for maximum tracking in difficult conditions, such as heavy foliage.
  • Coordinate Quality Monitor: Know the quality of your data while you collect it. Use the Coordinate Quality Monitor to alert you of positions exceeding your specified tolerance; or set your GS20 on autopilot with Leica's user-defined auto-stop functions.
  • GIS DataPRO™ combines the native shapefile format of ESRI's Map Objects Engine, with simple internet reference download and the proven power of Leica's SKI PRO GPS processing software.

Leica's Wireless Real-time Correction System "The WoRCS"

With your GS20 in hand, consider adding the WoRCS, Wireless Real-time Corrections System, for the ultimate in productivity. A belt-mounted communication hub, "smart" power supply and differential correction source, the WoRCS gives you everything you need for DGPS data collection.

The WoRCS includes:

  • Your choice of belt mounted real-time correction modules
  • Bluetooth™ communications hub
  • Intelligent Power Supply (using standard GS20 Lithium Ion batteries)

Leica's High Precision External Antenna Upgrade

If you require the utmost in precision, or need to collect data in dense foliage, then the high precision upgrade may be for you. 

With Leica's AT501 Survey Grade antenna, you will benefit from the highest quality GPS antenna, an unobstructed sky view and a large ground plane for multipath mitigation.

  • Leica's AT501: Survey grade L1 C/A code and phase antenna
  • Leica Antenna Sash: Backpack free, light weight, breathable antenna mount
  • Leica Telescopic Rod: Three sectioned, twist tightened, sash mounted antenna Pole

Download the latest firmware for the GS20 PDM. (V1.15) Now with support for WAAS and EGNOS, phase collection and CFC.

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and used by Leica Geosystems under license.

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