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Plant Movies and Tutorial

Example Plant Movie and Codec Downloads
  These movie files demonstrate the use of CloudWorx with several plant software systems in Microstation and Autocad. They can be used for both training and demonstration/presentation purposes.
Two different workflows are shown in these movie files:
  • Creation of an as-built
  • Clash checking a new design.

As-built examples with CloudWorx are provided for the AutoPlant, PlantSpace, CadWorx and PDS environments. Clash checking a new design is shown in the PDS and PlantSpace environment. Two of the PDS movies also have soundtracks provided by Intergraph. These soundtracks describe the process being shown and make it easier to follow the video. These files are larger and will therefore take longer to download. The database used in these movies, Oil Rig Module Tutorial41.zip (an imp), is also available for download on the Example Databases page.

All movies are in 1024x768 avi format and require the TSCC codec to be installed. The TSCC.exe file is available for download and installation.

Leica ScanStation P20 - Videos
 8 MB  (ZIP)  
Laser Scanning: Chapter 1 of 3 - The Basics
This professionally produced, educational overview of 3D laser scanning includes HD film footage of its use in the field for scene capture and in the office for processing laser scans into deliverables such as drawings, models, etc. It also describes common applications, benefits, types of deliverables, options that users have for taking advantage of the technology, and how Leica Geosystems fits into the overall picture.
 107 MB  (ZIP)  
Laser Scanning: Chapter 2 of 3 - How It All Works
This professionally produced HD video illustrates how laser scanners work and describes which scanner features are important to consider, the topic of “registration” or stitching multiple scans together, and what type of support is available for implementing the technology. Highlights of key Leica Geosystems' scanner features are described and a high-level overview of software is given.
 169 MB  (ZIP)  
Laser Scanning: Chapter 3 of 3 - Projects
This professionally produced HD video describes simple and complex laser scanning projects and how the technology is applied for each. Laser scanner and point cloud software features are highlighted that help users take advantage of the technology for simple projects and for more complex sites and advanced deliverables. Visual examples are included and Leica Geosystems' role in the technology is explained.
 161 MB  (ZIP)  
Levee Video
English 3 MB  (MP4)  
Levee Teaser
English 862 KB  (MP4)  
TSCC.exe codec (170KB)
All the Example Plant movies are in 1024x768 avi format and require the TSCC codec to be installed. The TSCC.exe file is available for download and installation.
 174 KB  (EXE)  
PDS-CloudWorx-Asbuilt-with sound.avi
27.5 MB movie with soundtrack by Intergraph about PDS CloudWorx.
 27 MB  (AVI)  
6MB movie about creating As-builts in a PlantSpace CloudWorx environment.
 6 MB  (AVI)  
PlantSpace-CloudWorx-Import New Design and Clash
5MB movie about clash checking a new design in an AutoPlant CloudWorx environment.
 5 MB  (AVI)  
PDS-CloudWorx-New Design and Clash.avi
5MB movie without sound about PDS CloudWorx.
 5 MB  (AVI)  
AutoPlant-CW Asbuilt.avi
5MB movie about creating AutoPlant-CloudWorx As-builts.
 4 MB  (AVI)  
CADWorx CW.avi
5MB movie about CadWorx in Cyclone CloudWorx.
 5 MB  (AVI)  
PDS-CW Asbuilt.avi
7.5MB movie about PDS in CloudWorx (no soundtrack).
 7 MB  (AVI)  
26MB movie about PDS in CloudWorx with a soundtrack by Intergraph.
 26 MB  (AVI)  

Downloads marked with a lock () are only available for registered customers. Click the Download button to register and download.


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