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2009 HDS Worldwide User Conference

Location: San Ramon, California, USA
Date: 26 October 2009 - 28 October 2009

Worldwide User Conference 2009 - Brochure & Program
 Worldwide HDS User Conference 2009 - Brochure & Program (PDF, EN, 760 KB)

Worldwide User Conference 2009 - Final Agenda
 Worldwide HDS User Conference 2009 - Final Agenda (PDF, EN, 50,2 KB)

2009 Worldwide HDS User Conference - Workshops Content
 Worldwide HDS User Conference 2009 - Hands-on Workshop (PDF, EN, 54,9 KB)

Webcast Now Available!
Contact your local Leica Geosystems HDS representative, Leica Geosystems HDS Customer Support, or Geoff Jacobs at geoff.jacobs@lgshds.com to find out how to get a free preview and purchase 24/7 online access to audio/video coverage of more than 30 presentations from the laser scanning industry leader's 2009 HDS Worldwide User Conference, plus more.

Why Hold an HDS Worldwide User Conference?
Some years ago, we observed a simple truth: when Leica Geosystems HDS users from different areas got together and openly shared information with each other, their laser scanning and related activities would improve, often very significantly. This led to organizing an annual HDS Worldwide User Conference. Since the inception of this conference, a mountain of evidence & glowing user testimonials support the extremely positive business results for HDS users who take advantage of it.

Which types of HDS Users Benefit Most?
Both new and experienced users benefit. New users get up to speed faster on optimal HDS work processes and marketing HDS, while experienced users often benefit most from networking and from learning about new HDS applications and the latest HDS products. Based on attendee feedback, these types regularly benefit the most:
1. Users who want to further increase the utilization of their Leica scanner(s) & further leverage their HDS capabilities
2. Users who want to improve or validate field and/or office workflows
3. Users who want to network for potential partners
4. Users who want learn about the latest HDS applications/markets & how to penetrate them
5. Users who want to assess specific markets & applications
6. Users who want to market & price HDS services more effectively and want the latest marketing tools
7. Users who want to benefit from broader exposure of their capabilities
8. Users who want to learn about specific Leica HDS products and how others use them
9. Users who want to connect directly with key Leica HDS staff
10. Users who want to network to further expand their “HDS customer support” resources
11. Users who want first hand insights into Leica’s HDS technology & business directions

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