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Accurate As-built Workflow

Fast, Accurate 2D or 3D As-builts
Building Design Question: How can I quickly create accurate 2D plans and sections of an existing building using point clouds and my CAD application?
Building Design Workflow:

Many existing buildings contain hard-to-capture details and thus present a daunting task to reproduce as a set of working drawings. CloudWorx for AutoCAD and Bentley CloudWorx (MicroStation-based) not only display these intricate structures in 3D but also provide tools for creating 2D plan and section drawings with very little effort. Essentially, the architect would create thin "slices" of the point clouds representing the structure or building and use these slices as starting points for the drawings.  The image below shows examples of these slices:

At this point there are two simple workflow options:

1. The slices can be used as a basis for tracing. Using familiar CAD tools, an architect would simply snap to corners and quickly trace along the edges of the structure.
2. The slices can be placed directly onto the plans as raw points, with dimensions and even annotations. This method is even faster, with the added advantage of being "truer" to the conditions of the building, as it is not "idealizing" as in Method 1, but also shows cracks, deformations, etc.

Using either method, the architect stands to save tremendous time and achieve results more accurate and complete than using traditional methods.

To see a 2 minute video clip of a detailed work process example, please click below: