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AutoPLANT Retrofit Workflow

AutoPLANT Retrofit Without Any Interferences
Plant & Facilities Question: How do you use point clouds to accurately insert a new pipe into an existing pipe rack?
Plant & Facilities Workflow:

Leica Geosystems HDS's CloudWorx software allows a designer to directly acces large point clouds directly within plant CAD applications such as AutoPLANT, PlantSpace or PDS for viewing, query, or point-to-point measurements.

A designer can use CloudWorx's "slice tool" to focus on the area where the new pipe will locate.

Once the focus area is identified, one can zoom in and ensure that there's enough space to insert the new pipe. Using the host program's tools the designer then can place the pipe at the desired location. The slicing tool can further be used to step through the entire length of the new pipe to ensure that there are no interferences in its path.

Switching between different views, the design progresses until the new pipe is in place. Using this work process can cut design time significantly while ensuring that pipes fit up perfectly every time.