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Classic As-builts with Scanning

Performing Classic As-builts with Laser Scanning
The feature article "Performing Classic As-builts with Laser Scanning," from the March issue of the Professional Surveyor Magazine was written by Chris Gray and was taken from a presentation at the Leica Geosystems HDS Worldwide User Conference in November 2005. The article talks about how the Mollenhauer Group utilizes 3D laser scanning to create classic as-builts for a revitalization project in Orange County.
Article Excerpt:

"Mollenhauer Group provides accurate as-built data on historic, often derelict buildings, on a revitalization project in Los Angeles, CA.

Adapted from a presentation made at the Leica HDS International User Group Meeting at San Ramon, CA, in November 2005

The move to adaptive reuse has represented quite a paradigm shift in the construction industry both in Los Angeles and across the country. The result has been a change in perception—new metropolitans want to live in an urban community where valuable old buildings are kept and reused, rather than bulldozed. In turn, that has caused a challenge to the construction and architectural industry in the United States, where there has been a core focus on new build. New skills and new approaches would have to be adopted to meet this challenge. Mollenhauer's answer to this was to provide accurate as-built data of large, often derelict, complicated and historic buildings that were being transformed into restaurants, lofts, and hotels—all enriching a revitalized environment."


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