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Technology Basics

Crime Scene Investigation

HDS and Forensics: Crime Scene Investigation
"Crime Scene Invesitiagtion," was written by Lt. Raymond E. Foster and appeared in the March 2005 issue of Government Technology. In the article, Lt. Foster talks about the general benefits of High-Definition Surveying in crime scene investigaton and forensic work and he points to specific incidents where the use of 3D laser scanning had a big impact on the case.

Article Excerpt:

"There were more than 40 witnesses to the incident, he said, and the scene itself was approximately 400 feet by 2,000 feet -- an entire city block with businesses and apartments. Using HDS technology, Fries scanned the scene, the involved vehicles (at the impound yard) and used photographic evidence to reconstruct a virtual model of the incident that could be examined from almost any point of view.

'Once the plaintiff knew what we were able to provide, they dropped the lawsuit,' Fries said, adding that HDS technology is beginning to be a tool used by both the defendant and plaintiff. 'If done well, it's very compelling to the jury.'"

To read more of "Crime Scene Invesigation," by Lt. Raymond E. Forester follow the link below to the Government Technology website:

Crime Scene Investigation (Link)  


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