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Employment Policy

Leica Geosystems as an Employer
Every employee at Leica Geosystems is valuable. Naturally there are always several factors which make an enterprise successful but the employees are one of the major factors which allows a company to soar to great heights.

1. Employees Choice, Care & Satisfaction 
2. Pay, Benefits and Performance
3. Our Values
4. Career Development

1. Employees Choice, Care and Satisfaction


We put employee's satisfaction foremost with Leica Geosystem’s special emphasis on the recruitment and care of our employees. On the one hand our desire, to offer our employees attractive working conditions, so that they feel well, but we also know that we obtain customer satisfaction only by having employee satisfaction. Therefore, the opinions of our employees are important to us.

A periodically executed employee satisfaction survey and analysis helps us to obtain this important input of our employees.

Interesting Field of Work

Leica Geosystems develops, manufactures and markets systems of the measurement, Mapping and Position Finding GPS. With our innovation in the collection and processing of spatial data as well as in the production of geographic systems of information (G SHARP) we are one of the leading High-Tech enterprises in our various fields.
This is also reflected in the variety of interesting positions on offer. Diversified teamwork, challenging activities and individual scope for organizing work on the one hand as well as innovative and progressive surroundings form the general working conditions.

Fair and attractive working conditions

Leica Geosystems is conscious of its obligation as an employer and is supported in the respect also by our personnel representation. As an enterprise active worldwide we offer entrance and advancement opportunities in different areas and fields. We value flexible working hours making for a decent Work-Life balance, a good work climate, and fair personnel selection procedures, responsible activities and advocate the achievement principle in our remuneration package. Fringe benefits like five weeks holiday per year (in Switzerland) and various privileges are some of the other benefits, which we offer to our employees.  

Fringe benefits we offer in Switzerland.

2. Pay, Benefits and Performance

We advocate a performance-oriented remuneration package.
Our remuneration comprises two parts, on the one hand a fixed wage component which is based on wage value studies, or market comparisons and on the other hand the performance-oriented wage component (short and long term). The long-term oriented wage components can be shares or stocks options and are coupled with the success of Leica as well as individual performance.

3. Our values

Values form the foundation of every enterprise culture. We at Leica Geosystems base our operations on six basic principles, which gives rise to our thinking and actions:

  • Open and constructive communication
  • Customer orientation
  • Trust
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

4. Career Development

Leica Geosystems promotes its employees, so that present as well as future functions are fulfilled optimally. Besides continuing education, activities take place on the job as well as beyond the working place in the form of seminars, training or specialized courses. It is an expressed aim of Leica   Geosystems that every employee and every employee should have an individual development plan, which orientates itself to the enterprise aims as well as by the individual interests and abilities of the separate individuals.  

Advance your career in your chosen field, or move into project management or managerial positions

The advancement of your career can run either in your chose field or in a direction of management and responsibility or project management.

International development opportunities and transfer policy

  Leica Geosystems places importance on offering international application possibilities to it’s employees. We usually provide a thorough training phase on the spot to get to accustomed you to our enterprise culture. Due to our worldwide activities we are regularly able to offer development opportunities in Europe, Asia or the USA.

Development Pool

The Development pool of Leica Geosystems is a promotion program for employees who are willing and able to be prepared for international applications in the form of a specialized career advancement. Detailed potential analysis are made and this together with custom made education blocks provide an optimal base for further individual and technical development.