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HDS Solutions Help Avert Clashes in a Power Plant's New Installation

Documentation time drops from three weeks to three days while providing valuable 3D visualizations
The TruePoint Laser Scanning team used its Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner for collecting data because its long-range capabilities, up to 300 meters, accommodated the height and distances required. In addition, they were confident the laser scanner would provide clean data and a smooth workflow. They set up targets that would stay in place as the technicians moved around the site, serving as landmarks for tying the final data to a coordinate system of the plant. Targets, which included an assortment of different types such as tripods, and magnetic bases that cling to railings or pipes, make it easier to register and stitch together the point cloud data into a comprehensive dataset. During the scanning process, technicians scanned each location, took photographs of the same scenes with the laser scanner, and also captured and labeled each of the targets.


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