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Laser Scanning Team Tackles Refinery’s Demanding Documentation Deadline

Leica HDS solutions enable a quick turnaround on a fluid catalytic cracking unit upgrade for a California refinery
To accomplish the goal, the team created a strategic workflow that used three Leica High Definition Surveying (HDS) laser scanners working concurrently. The firm already owned a Leica ScanStation C10, which captures up to 50,000 points per second and has a range of up to 300 meters; and a Leica ScanStation P20, which captures up to 1 million points per second at a range of up to 120 meters. Since time was of the essence, the firm rented one more Leica ScanStation P20 laser scanner and used the two high-speed scanners to capture most of the data. In areas that required long-range, high-elevation scans, the team used its Leica ScanStation C10. "The combination of the two scanner types was great because we could get the C10 working for 45 minutes on a long-range scan while the P20s captured five more scans at the specified high-resolution requirements, plus took photographs," says Finn. The use of high resolution scans and photographs provides the richest possible data set to facilitate the most accurate planning.


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