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Technology Basics

Technology Basics

Educational Articles on Laser Scanning Basics
The educational articles and videos listed below include technical white papers and a series of more than 40 articles written by Leica Geosystems' Geoff Jacobs for Professional Surveyor magazine on the basics of 3D laser scanning, also known as High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™). Click on the Download button to download a PDF of available articles:

Laser Scanning: Chapter 1 of 3 - The Basics
This professionally produced, educational overview of 3D laser scanning includes HD film footage of its use in the field for scene capture and in the office for processing laser scans into deliverables such as drawings, models, etc. It also describes common applications, benefits, types of deliverables, options that users have for taking advantage of the technology, and how Leica Geosystems fits into the overall picture.
English 107 MB  (ZIP)  
Laser Scanning: Chapter 2 of 3 - How It All Works
This professionally produced HD video illustrates how laser scanners work and describes which scanner features are important to consider, the topic of “registration” or stitching multiple scans together, and what type of support is available for implementing the technology. Highlights of key Leica Geosystems' scanner features are described and a high-level overview of software is given.
English 169 MB  (TML)  
Laser Scanning: Chapter 3 of 3 - Projects
This professionally produced HD video describes simple and complex laser scanning projects and how the technology is applied for each. Laser scanner and point cloud software features are highlighted that help users take advantage of the technology for simple projects and for more complex sites and advanced deliverables. Visual examples are included and Leica Geosystems' role in the technology is explained.
English 161 MB  (TML)  
Use the right terminology with prospective clients
Professional Surveyor magazine, October 2011
This articles describes when to use the phrase "laser scanning" or the phrase "high-definition surveying" to describe the technology to prospective clients. Helpful examples are provided.
 230 KB  (PDF)  
Scanning beyond surveying
Professional Surveyor Magazine, February 2011
Add value to your firm via complementary expertise in scanning applications. One of the exciting aspects of high-definition surveying is the wide variety of applications and projects for which the technology can provide genuine benefits.
 438 KB  (PDF)  
The Context Benefit
Professional Surveyor Magazine, September 2010
This article describes the benefit of "additional context" that rich, High-Definition Surveys provide clients by automatically capturing additional site details that are not ordinarily captured by traditional surveying methods.
 309 KB  (PDF)  
Versatility Factors for 3D Scanning Software
Professional Surveyor magazine, March 2010
Final part of this 3-part series on product versatility factors. This one details 10 different factors that prospective users should evaluate when considering which point cloud software is best suited to their needs.
 258 KB  (PDF)  
Laser Scanner Versatility Factors - Part 2
Professional Surveyor Magazine, January 2010
Second in this 3-part series on versatility factors of 3D laser scanners and laser scanning software.
 191 KB  (PDF)  
Scanning for BIM: Today's reality
Professional Surveyor Magazine, June 2010
This article describes the role of laser scanning in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the status this application today. Demand for 3D scanning is increasing sharply, driven mostly by contractors.
 237 KB  (PDF)  
Laser Scanner Versatility Factors - Part 1
Professional Surveyor Magazine, October 2009
This article discusses several scanner versatility factors and how to assess them against your organization’s needs.
 196 KB  (PDF)  
Accuracy of Scan Points
Professional Surveyor magazine, July 2009
This article describes sources of errors for individual scan points. Sources include instrument error sources and possible errors in using software that is not specifically designed for the task of optimal point selection. Numerous factors are described along with guidance on how to ensure the required point accuracy for deliverables.
 279 KB  (PDF)  
Deliverables - with Competitive Advantage
Professional Surveyor Magazine, April 2009
Laser scanning provides service organizations with many more options for deliverables to give clients, in addition to traditional deliverables. These additional types of deliverables offer benefits to clients and they can provide competitive advantage for service organizations.
 282 KB  (PDF)  
Scanning Dodges Economic Storm
Professional Surveyor, Feb. 2009
Article details why and how HDS laser scanning users are doing well in tough economic times. Many examples are given along with guidance of low risk paths to enter scanning.
 330 KB  (PDF)  
Getting Easier - Part 3
Part 3 of the series focuses on advances in software interfaces for laser scanning
 276 KB  (PDF)  
Getting Easier - Part 2: In the office
Part 2 of this 3-Part series describes advances in office software that have made the technology easier to learn and use.
 171 KB  (PDF)  
White Paper - Creating Standards and Specification
for the use of Laser Scanning in Caltrans Projects.
Independent testing of scanners and software by University of California at Davis, June 2008.
 10 MB  (PDF)  
Getting Easier - Part 1: In the field
Part 1 of a 3-Part series describes key technology advances over the last ten years that have made laser scanning easier in the field.
 174 KB  (PDF)  
Using Multiple Laser Scanners on Projects
Most organizations still don’t own their first laser scanner, yet there’s already a strong trend emerging among many that do: using multiple scanners on a single project. This article describes what’s behind this trend, with a focus on how progressive users are using different types of scanners for different parts of a project.
 320 KB  (PDF)  
User Feedback on Scanners with Tilt Compensation
In the February 2007 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine (pp 50 – 52), I described the fairly recent introduction of survey grade tilt or dual-axis compensation into laser scanners.
 163 KB  (PDF)  
Two Big New Benefits of Laser Scanning
"Free TruView laser scan bubble-view/measure/markup software adds two big new benefits for laser scanning"
 230 KB  (PDF)  
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