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Solutions for Engineering - Railways
The gradual improvement of modern rail networks and the emergence of high-speed lines requires the most accurate and efficient surveying and monitoring using equipment from Leica Geosystems.
Documenting a Subsea Tunnel
The E18 Bjørvika project, scheduled to be completed in February 2010, will improve the environment of Oslo’s inner city and enhance the area around the new opera near Bjørvika harbour by moving traffic underground – and under water. Part of this ambitious project is a subsea tunnel – the first one ever built in Norway – consisting of six 100 m long elements. The shape of the tunnel is an additional challenge for the engineers: each element is curved, and some of them were built on a flat floor in the dry dock, but will have to fall to the seabed to reach their final destination. A case for Leica Geosystems’ High Definition Surveying™, as told by Frode Edvardsen from contractor Skanska in Norway. more