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Scanning in Construction

Uses of Scanning in Construction and Fabrication
"Uses of Scanning in Construction and Fabrication" details the applications and benefits of using high-definition surveys during these phases of a construction project. Specific user examples and project examples are given for civil, architectural, and plant construction projects. The article, by Geoff Jacobs, is the first in a set of three articles and appears in the February 2006 issue of Professional Surveyor magazine.
Article Excerpt:

"Many professionals are aware of the beneficial use of laser scanning for creating asbuilts for use by engineers or designers. However, scanning is used successfully in all stages of a capital asset’s lifecycle, not just the “design stage.” These other uses include the Proposal Stage, the Construction/Fabrication Stage, and the Asset Management (or maintenance & operations) Stage.

This article is the second in a series that looks at the use of scanning in various stages of an asset’s lifecycle. The January 2006 Professional Surveyor article examined uses in the Proposal Stage; this article focuses on beneficial uses of scanning in the Construction & Fabrication Stages and what the latest trends are in this area. A future article will cover in-depth looks at uses in Asset Management."



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