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VECO Tyonek

Platform Upgrade Project
"The use of laser scanning and the associated 3D modeling tools on this offshore modification project saved us significant time and direct costs. Such techniques for this type of work are becoming a standard procedure." Bart Neighbors, PE, PMP - Project Leader ConocoPhillips Alaska Capital Projects
Solution Excerpt:  "Modifications and repairs to offshore platforms are among some of the most difficult and financially risky industrial projects to execute. Extreme remoteness, significant congestion, and inaccessibility have historically resulted in some of the highest percent cost overruns in the business. In this industry it is not uncommon for budget overruns dueto rework to be easily in the range of 20% to 30% of the Total Installed Cost (TIC) - meaning that the $2.3 Million (TIC) Tyonek upgrade project would have potentially faced a $690,000 budget overrun.  As is generally the case with existing industrial facilities, onshore or offshore, accurate or up-to-date as-built drawings were not available. 

Therefore, the VECO Alaska design team turned to their in-house 3D High-Definition Survey (HDS) group to accurately and completely capture the existing environment."

To read more of the Leica Geosystems HDS TruStory "VECO Tyonek: Platform Upgrade Project," download the case study in PDF format in the Downloads box.