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Leica ScanStation P40 & P30
Leica ScanStation P40 & P30 The ScanStation P40 offers highest versatility including long range capabilities. Delivering outstanding range, speed and data quality whenever and wherever needed it is the perfect ...

Leica ScanStation P16
Leica ScanStation P16 Combining high quality and performance with the highest environmental robustness in the market the Leica ScanStation P16 is the perfect entry into the world of 3D laser scanning. Its ...

Leica ScanStation C5
Leica ScanStation C5 For organizations entering into laser scanning for as-built and engineering surveys, the affordable Leica ScanStation C5 represents a great starting platform: high performance laser ...

Leica ScanStation C10
Leica ScanStation C10 The highly popular Leica ScanStation C10 is the industry’s top combination of versatility, productivity, and value all packed into a single, portable laser scanner.

HDS Software
HDS Software Software plays a critical role in handling and viewing high-definition point clouds effectively and aids in the speedy extraction of deliverables. The HDS Software Family's complete ...

HDS Accessories
HDS Accessories Leica Geosystems supplies a full range of accessories that work in conjunction with the HDS laser scanners to make High-Definition Surveying easier and more efficient than ever before.


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Leica JetStream

Real-time rendering of massive point clouds in CAD systems   more  

Leica TruView Cloud

The power and simplicity of collaboration just got easier to manage with TruView Cloud.   more   TruView

Cyclone REGISTER 360

Learn about the NEW Cyclone REGISTER 360 before its release later this summer!   more   Cyclone REGISTER 360

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Introduction into 3D Laser Scanning

Watch the videos:
Chapter 1: The Basics
Chapter 2: How It All Works
Chapter 3: Simple and Complex Projects

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The Future of Forensics

Freeze a scene in vivid 3D and process data with software tools that create compelling courtroom exhibits


Digitising the mighty Taj Mahal
Digitising the mighty Taj Mahal HDS creates a blueprint to understand the Taj Mahal's susceptibility to earthquakes.

The Reality Capture of Ellis Island
The Reality Capture of Ellis Island The NPS is utilising HDS in its on-going preservation project focused on rehabilitating and interpreting the ...